This page was last updated: June 26, 2012
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Welcome to the Tahltan Foundation website!  This site is just being developed so please continue to check back for regular updates!

The Tahltan Nation has received funds from resource developers over the years (including $1.5 million from Nova Gold Fund) that are held in trust.  It also expects to receive substantial funds from companies planning to undertake commercial activities, primarily using natural resources, in its traditional territory. The current Tahltan Nation leadership understands that the Nation wishes to: (1) invest these funds; (2) distribute some or all of the returns to projects that have maximum benefit for the Nation; and (3) keep the initial money secure for future generations. A common mechanism to safely hold the initial money and distribute the profits to worthy community projects is the “community foundation.”

A steering group has been established to provide overall guidance to the input gathering process for a community foundation for the Tahltan Nation. The steering group includes: Chair - Tahltan Central Council, Chief - Tahltan Band, Chief - Iskut Band, and two board members of the Tahltan Heritage Trust.
The Tahltan foundation is seeking individuals who are interested in being a founding member of the foundation’s board of directors. The Tahltan foundation is a community based organization that is under development to deliver funding programs that meet the full Tahltan membership’s community needs. Click for more information.